quarta-feira, setembro 22, 2004

:: Festival do Rio 2004 ::

Preciso dizer mais alguma coisa???

Segunda dia 27 - Às 14:30 hs (Estação Barra Point 1)
Terça dia 28 - Às 16:30 hs (Estação Ipanema 2)
Sexta dia 01 - Às 19:00 hs (Estação Botafogo 1)

Who is Zatoichi? "Zatoichi", is one of Japan's longest running film and TV series. "Zatoichi" came into being in 1962, and after 26 films and TV series it ended in 1989 when the late Shintaro Katsu, the only man to ever bring Zatoichi to life, passed away, leaving the iconic rolewithout a face.

The title character Zatoichi is a blind nomad in 19th century Japan, who makes his living as a gambler and masseuse. Don't be fooled though, behind his humble facade lies a master swordsman withlightning fast reflexes and hair-raising precision. He is part martial arts master, part detective, part yakuza, part pathos, and is arguably the world most popular fictional character in history. It's just a history we don't get to learn here in the West. In spite of that fact, "Zatoichi" does have a larger following than one would imagine. Finally, after more than 40 years "Zatoichi" is coming to theaters, reinvented by celebrated Japanese actor/writer/director Takeshi Kitano giving up his trademark Yakuza gangland films for the way of theSamurai.

The Beginning In 1962 the enormously talented actor Katsu Shintaro first gave Zatoichi life. Katsu was an extraordinarily accomplished entertainer. A genuine fencing prodigy, singer, musician, composer, writer, director, producer, he did it all. And he did it with a rarely matched panache. Katsu was in his mid-twenties when he created the character for the original film, entitled "Zatoichi Monogatari" ("Zatoichi's Story" or "The Legend of Zatoichi").

As the years passed "Zatoichi" was always up on the marquee, rain orshine. And there is no doubt that three solid generations of Japanese people were inspired and heartened by Katsu's character.

Takeshi Kitano "The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi" In his eleventh film as a writer/director, Takeshi Kitano also stars, reviving the cultaction anti-hero Zatoichi. "The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi" marks the first time Kitano directs a period piece, and he exchanges his trademark yakuza guns for a cane sword of lightning-fast speed. Since the extraordinary success of 1997's HANA-BI, Kitano has been recognized as aleading figure of international cinema. Among its numerous awards, HANA-BI won Venice's Golden Lion and was named Best Non-European Film by the European Film Academy. Takeshi Kitano on the origin of the project, and the film (translated from Japanese): "This project was proposed tome quite unexpectedly by Madame Chieko Saito (one of my mentors during my Asakusa period). She was a very good friend of the late actor Mr. Shintaro Katsu, who starred in the original episodes of the "Zatoichi" series on film and TV (from 1962 to 1989). A few years ago, she asked me if I would make a "Zatoichi" sequel. It sounded interesting because I had never directed a period piece. When she asked me to also play the lead character, I panicked. There was no way I was going to replace Mr. Katsu! I politely declined, but Madame Saito wouldn't take no for an answer. I finally gave in on one condition: I would have to be allowed to make the film the way I wanted as long as the main character remained a blind masseur named Zatoichi who is also a master swordsman and adice-gambling genius. Everything else would have to be entirely my own creation."

Not only is "The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi" my first period piece, but it's also the first time since my directorial debut VIOLENT COP that I have made a film from an existing idea conceived by someone else. I thought "The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi" was going to be a tough film to make because making a period piece is commonly considered to be muchmore painstaking. It actually turned out to be quite a fun film to make. I found the whole process of making a period piece much more fictitious because I had to fabricate everything. This allowed me to do preposterous things and explore new areas I hadn't before. I cancertainly say that making the film has been one of the most artistically and creatively satisfying experiences of my career.


terça-feira, setembro 21, 2004

:: Respondendo à Beta ::

Reedição extarordinária do post! Nossa, nunca fiz isso! Que emoção!!!

Olha só, os horários no Festival do Rio são esses aí:

Sexta dia 25 - Ao meio-dia e meia-noite (Estação Botafogo 1)
Sábado dia 26 - Às 14:00 hs e 19:00 hs (São Luiz 4)
Segunda dia 27 - Às 21:30 hs (Estação Ipanema 2)

The time... two thousand years ago.
The place... the violent dawn of the Qin dynasty
The story... the soon-to-be First Emperor of China is on the brink of conquering a war-
torn land. Three opponents are determined to assassinate him and one loyal
subject stands in their way.

At the height of China's Warring States period, the country was divided into seven kingdoms: Qin, Zhao, Han Wei, Yan, Chu and Qi. For years, the separate kingdoms fought ruthlessly for supremacy. As a result, the populace endured decades of death and suffering.

The Kingdom of Qin was the most determined of all. The Qin King was obsessed with conquering all of China and becoming her first Emperor. He had long been the target of assassins throughout the other six states. Of all the would-be killers, none inspired as much fear as the three legendary assassins, Broken Sword, Flying Snow and Sky.

To anyone who defeated the three assassins, the King of Qin promised great power, mountains of gold and a private audience with the King himself. But defeating the killers is a near impossible task. For ten years no one came close to claiming the prize. So when the enigmatic county sheriff, Nameless, came to the palace bearing the legendary weapons of the slain assassins, the King was impatient to hear his story. Sitting in the palace, only ten paces from the King, Nameless told his extraordinary tale:

For ten years, Nameless studied the way of the sword and resolved to challenge the three assassins. Using the secrets of swordsmanship; Nameless defeated the mighty Sky in a furious showdown. Following this initial victory, he destroyed the famed duo of Flying Snow and Broken Sword. This time using a weapon far more devastating than his sword - their extraordinary love for each other.

The King hung on every detail of this curious story. But then something most unexpected happened - the King has a different story to tell of how Nameless really came to sit there, face to face with the King!

It appears that everything was not so simple. In the centre of the intrigue sits Nameless - a solitary ranger and the King of Qin - the ruler of the Kingdom, with only ten steps between them. Within those ten steps holds an earth-shattering tale of love, honour and duty, a story that moves beyond the reaches of history.

Jet Li (Nameless)
Tony Leung (Broken Sword)
Maggie Cheung (Flying Snow)
Zhang Ziyi (Moon)
Chen Daoming (King)
Donnie Yen (Sky)


sexta-feira, setembro 17, 2004


O show do Kraftwerk vai ser no dia 5 de novembro em Sampa! Que será uma sexta-feira, dia internacional da esbórnia! Que emoção!!!

Então, demorô, certo? Façam as malas e VÂMU NEEEEESSAAAAA!!!

:: Da série "Em 2004" ::

Finalmente! Vai ser uma orgia cinematográfica!!!


quinta-feira, setembro 16, 2004

:: Estréia AMANHÃ ::

Que mêda! Sente só a farofada!!!

Mas foda-se! Vou conferir!!!

Arthur (Clive Owen) and his knights have served in the Roman military for 15 years, and they now have only one mission to fulfill before being granted their freedom. As the Saxons attack Britain, they must head north to rescue the last Roman officials left in a village. Once there, the Knights of the Round Table team with a former enemy, Merlin, and set free Guinevere, a fierce fighter imprisoned by the Romans, so they can face the Saxons in battle.


quarta-feira, setembro 15, 2004

:: Shaná Tová Umetuká ::

Uma amiga me mandou isso aí, desejando Feliz 5765! Pois é...

Bom, então, tá!!!

Shaná Tová para todos vocês!!!

:: Aniversariantes ::

Meus amigos das antigas Melniboné e Tchello fizeram respectivamente 30 e 31 anos!!!

Curiosamente, Tchello fez no dia 10 e Melní no dia 11!!!

Duas pessoas extraordinárias que eu tive a sorte de conhecer!!!

E eis aqui é minha modesta homenagem!!!



segunda-feira, setembro 13, 2004

:: Música do Dia ::

DeiXo Meu CoraÇãO na Mão de Quem Pode!

só deixo meu coração na mão de quem pode
fazer da minha alma suporte
pr’uma vida insinuante
insinuante anti-tudo que não possa ser
bossa-nova hardcore
bossa-nova nota dez

quero dizer eu tô pra tudo nesse mundo
então só vou deixar meu coração
a alma do meu corpo na mão de quem pode
na mão de quem pode e absorve todo céu
qualquer inferno inspiração de mutação
da vagabunda intenção de se jogar
na dança absoluta da matança
do que é tédio conformismo
do fico aqui
vou te levando nessa dança
submundo pode tudo do amor
porque não quero teu ciúme que é o cúmulo
ciúme é acúmulo de dúvida, incerteza de si mesmo
projetado assim jogado
como lama anti-erótica
na cara do desejo mais intenso de ficar com a pessoa
e eu não tô à toa
eu sou muito boa
eu sou muito boa pra vida
eu sou a vida oferecida
como dança e não quero te dar gelo
jealous guy
vê se aprende
se desprende
vem pra mim
que sou esfinge do amor
te sussurrando
só deixo minha alma
só deixo o coração
só deixo minha alma
na mão de quem pode
só deixo minha alma
só deixo meu coração
na mão de quem ama solto
eu vou dizendo que só deixo minha alma
só deixo meu coração na mão de quem pode
fazer dele erótico suporte
pra tudo que é ótimo fator vital

katia b/marcos cunha/plínio profeta/fausto fawcett


quarta-feira, setembro 08, 2004

:: Da nova série “Livros, Livros e Livros” ::

Qual livro que você está lendo ou gostaria de ler?

Eu já li esse aqui! É muito bom e eu recomendo!!!


O arco longo, uma arma mortífera, tornou o exército inglês o mais poderoso da Europa no século XIV, quando o continente viu surgir um dos maiores conflitos armados de todos os tempos: a Guerra dos Cem Anos. O escritor Bernard Cornwell, apaixonado estudioso de História Militar, parte desse episódio para escrever um de seus melhores romances, em que o jovem arqueiro Thomas, sem querer, é colocado na trilha do lendário Santo Graal.

Thomas não é um protagonista que gera muita empatia, mas a história prende a atenção à medida que os mistérios sobre a vida e o destino de Thomas vão se revelando e outros vão surgindo. Mas o que impressiona mesmo é a descrição das batalhas, grandiosas e detalhadas ao extremo. É nesse ponto que o autor mostra a que veio e não decepciona! A batalha final entre os exércitos inglês e francês é de arrepiar!