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:: Música do dia ::


Change your heart, look around you
Change your heart, it will astound you
I need your loving like the sunshine
And everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime

Change your heart, look around you
Change your heart, it will astound you
I need your loving like the sunshine
And everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime

Everybody's gotta learn sometime


segunda-feira, julho 26, 2004


Pois é, eu já sabia! BRASIL CAMPEÃO, ÃO, ÃO, ÃO...

No fundo, fiquei com pena dos argentinos. Morrer na praia depois de serem humilhados pela seleção B do Brasil é sacanagem! Sou do tempo em que não se bate em cachorro morto!

Mas, depois do jogo, tive que soltar aquele grito preso na garganta...



quarta-feira, julho 21, 2004

:: Da nova série “Rapidinhas do Petrus” ::
Você sabia que o futebol foi introduzido (sic) no Brasil no início do século passado?
Bom, até que isso é bem conhecido. Mas o que pouca gente sabe é que houve um forte movimento da intelectualidade brasileira, com a participação de nomes como o escritor e sociólogo Gilberto Freire, contra esse movimento por considerar o futebol um esporte estrangeiro (inglês), elitista (praticado por uma elite aristocrática branca) e que, portanto, ia de encontro à cultura do povo brasileiro.
O mais interessante é constatar 100 anos depois que aconteceu exatamente o contrário!
Você sabia???

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:: Da série "Em 2004" ::

"Alexander, The Great" Oliver Stone's sweeping historical saga that charts the life and legend of one of the greatest figures in world history. The story is an epic that is as daring and ambitious as its subject, a relentless conqueror who by the age of 32 had amassed the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Past and present collide to form the puzzle of the protagonist, a tapestry of triumphs and tragedies in which childhood memories and Alexander's rise to power unfold side by side with the later day expansion of his empire, and its ultimate downfall. From his youth, fueled by dreams of glory and adventure, to his lonely and mysterious death as a ruler of a vast state, from the tumultuous relationship with his parents-a powerful king and a queen determined to put her child on the throne at any cost-to the rousing brotherly bonds with his closest companions and vast army, as they fought from the sun-scorched battlefields of the Persian Empire across the snow-peaked mountains of India, the film chronicles Alexander's journey to become a living legend, a man who embraced the ideal that power has a destiny.


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:: Bill Plympton ::

Nota: Não confundir com o ex-presidente!!!




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:: Da série "Minha vida corporativa" ::

IT - Information Security

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Caso necessite acessar este endereço, por favor, abra um chamado no IT Service Desk pelo telefone 0800-888-2013 ou enviando um email para IT-Service Desk.



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:: Final Yamato ::

Four billion years ago, the water planet Aquarius came near Earth and gave it water. This water sowed the seeds of life, eventually giving birth to man.

The year is now 2203. Due to a freak of time and space, another universe is colliding with our own, causing widespread destruction. The Yamato is sent to check out the situation, and stops by Dessler's new home planet to find that it was already destroyed. Kodai drops flowers in respect for his former enemy as shockwaves from the galaxies' collision approaches. Kodai orders Shima to perform a random warp, which takes them to the planet Dinguil, which is being flooded by Aquarius. The Yamato attempts to rescue some of the people, but due to the torrential rain, the rescue ship crashes into the raging flood waters. The Yamato is forced to leave after saving only one small boy.

General Lugarl de Zarl of the Dinguil fleet attacks the Yamato with radiation missiles that knock out the entire crew. The Yamato crashes on a small planet, but somehow an auto-pilot circuit is activated, and the Yamato begins a return trip to Earth.

Emperor Lugarl decides that the surviving Dinguil will emigrate to Earth as a new home. In order to flood out Earth so they can take over, they begin using a warp device on their floating city to move Aquarius closer to Earth. In 20 days time, Aquarius will be in range of Earth. His son, General Lugarl, is ordered to confine all Earthlings to Earth by attacking anything trying to leave.

On Earth, they are analyzing the reports of Aquarius. Doctor Sado finds an ancient Babylonian tablet providing records that Aquarius brought water to Earth 4 billion years ago. (How this could be recorded is not explained.)

A medical crew goes on board and is relieved to find that almost all of the crew had managed to put on helmets before the radiation hit - all except for Kodai. Yuki sees his body, assumes he is dead, and almost shoots herself Romeo-and-Juliet style. Sanada swats the gun from her hand.

Because of the approach of Aquarius, plans are made to evacuate Earth to space colonies. Kodai awakens in a hospital, and demands to know what happened to the Yamato's crew. Yuki tries to avoid the question, but eventually admits that many of the crew died from the radiation. He blames himself and resigns his commission.

General Lugarl's fleet destroys the first wave of evacuating ships near Saturn. A defense fleet is dispatched, but Lugarl's fleet launches a squadron of missile ships and warps away before the defense fleet's Wave Motion Guns can do any damage. The entire defense fleet is destroyed by radiation missiles.

On Earth, Defense Command is trying to assess the situation, when Yuki delivers Kodai's resignation. Commander Todo, knowing that he must send Yamato to find out who attacked, tells Yuki to call a new captain. She responds with shock and disbelief when she reads the name.

Lugarl's fleet attacks Earth, bombing airfields and destroying any ships before they can take off. Kodai watches but can do nothing. After the fleet returns to Pluto, Kodai goes to the underground hangar where Yamato is docked, and takes a last walk around the ship. Sanada and Shima are working on a defense against the radiation missiles, and tell him that he will be missed. He ends up in his old chair on the bridge, and exclaims that while he may be unfit as captain, he wants to go on the mission. Captain Okita's voice is heard, asking if he wants to return that badly.

The crew assembles at the Yamato, and sees Commander Todo approaching with Yuki. They assume that the Commander will lead the mission, when they hear Captain Juzo Okita's voice announcing preparations for take off. The bridge crew finds the Captain sitting at his old command console, amazed at his return. Captain Okita orders the crew to perform pre-launch checks, and gives Kodai his old position of Combat Chief. The Yamato takes off and joins with Captain Mizutani and his fleet.

After take off, Doctor Sado explains that Captain Okita was pronounced dead at the end of the first mission to Iscandar, however upon further examination on Earth his brain was found to be barely alive. He was treated and had completely recovered from the radiation poisoning, however no one was told that he had lived. Now he is determined to stop Aquarius from getting near Earth.

Near Pluto, the Yamato joins with an escort fleet. The Dinguil fleet is attacked near Pluto, the first wave being the Cosmo Tigers attempting to destroy the missile ships. The escort fleet is wiped out protecting the Yamato. The Dinguil fleet retreats, so rescue teams are launched to gather wounded. Kodai salutes the enemy for being honorable enough to allow this, but speaks too soon when the enemy attacks the rescue ships. Kodai was injured in the battle, but insists on pursuing them. Yuki goes with him as a navigator. They find the main enemy battleship; Kodai's wound finally gets the better of him, so Yuki takes over and reports the location to Yamato. The Yamato fires wave motion cartridges at the battleship, destroying it. Lugarl manages to escape with part of his fleet as Yuki returns with a barely alive Kodai.

The crew begins to make preparations for what could be their final battle. We find out that the Dinguil boy has stowed away; he and Yuki talk about how different their people are. Earth people try to make others happy, while a Dinguil person only cares about making himself happy. Sanada decides that the Yamato should warp to Aquarius to get ahead of it before it reaches Earth.

General Lugarl reports back to his father, who reveals the secret of their family. The Dinguil people lived on Earth, 10,000 years ago, until Aquarius passed by and flooded the planet. A spacecraft rescued their race, taking them to Dinguil where a new empire was built. Now that Dinguil has flooded, they must take over their ancestral home. Emperor Lugarl sends his son to attack the Yamato with the entire Dinguil fleet as Aquarius warps for the 19th time. One more warp, and it will be near Earth.

The Yamato lands on Aquarius, looking for an enemy force. They find a ruined civilization, but no signs of life or technology. They are welcomed by the spirit of Aquarius, who tells them that the destruction caused by the flooding was done to force evolution. Only the strong survived to build higher civilizations. She also tells them that Aquarius is not due to visit Earth for another 6,000 years, but the Dinguil Empire are responsible for the early arrival. Aquarius reveals to the crew that the Dinguil hail from Earth, but they are not on Aquarius, so the Yamato should leave.

Regardless of this assurance, the Yamato is attacked by the Dinguil forces who have stationed themselves behind the planet. The Yamato takes off to attack, using newly completed energy screens to repel the radiation missiles. Lugarl's fleet attacks; in what appears to be a fit of temporary insanity, Captain Okita orders the Wave Motion Gun fired, destroying Prince Lugarl's fleet and a small group of planetoids. General Lugarl goes back to his father in disgrace, but Emperor Lugarl orders the neutrino screens be activated, destroying his son's ship.

The Yamato barely pulls away from the neutrino screens and retreats. The fortress fires a neutrino beam at the Yamato, and the crew assumes they are finished. The ship is somehow shielded from the energy, which Sanada realizes is because the engine is leaking wave motion energy. Captain Okita orders that more energy be leaked, thus protecting the Yamato so they can break through the neutrino screens.

The Yamato attacks the Uruku fortress, crash landing on it and attempting to destroy the warp generators. The Emperor leads an attack against the Yamato to keep them busy until Aquarius can be warped to Earth. Shima is shot in the battle, but hides it. Using the rocket anchor, he raises the ship enough to launch the Cosmo Tigers. They destroy the warp generator, assuming that Earth is now safe. Shima, however, knows he will never see Earth or his little brother Jiro again. Suddenly another warp generator starts, so Sanada tells Kodai to attack the temple in the center of the fortress assuming that this is the control center.

The Cosmo Tigers land at the temple and rush inside, where Kodai, followed by the Dinguil stowaway, meets up with the Emperor in person. Kodai pleads to end the fighting, but the Emperor refuses and aims a gun at Kodai. The Dinguil boy runs into the room, pleading with his father to stop, but ends up being shot instead. He asks if what he did was considered brave, then dies.

The Emperor activates a self-destruct mechanism and leaves with his fleet as Aquarius is warped to Earth. Yuki discovers Shima's wound, but he refuses to leave his post. The Yamato escapes the platform's destruction, but Shima dies in Kodai's arms. Before dying, he makes Kodai promise to make Yuki happy, and admits he had loved her at one time as well.

On the way back to Earth, Kodai and the Captain both come to the same conclusion: the only thing they can do is use the Yamato as a bomb to break the water column when Aquarius gets close to Earth. Kodai offers to stay on board and trigger the Wave Motion Gun to explode the ship, but Okita reminds him that he has a duty to Yuki, who would never find happiness if Kodai died. Okita decides he will stay on board and pull the trigger, telling Kodai he has other battles to fight. (Apparently the Japanese consider raising children as much of a battle as Americans do!) The Captain, on the other hand, has nothing left but Yamato, and he must go down with his ship.

The Yamato lands on Aquarius and loads itself with tritium. On the way to Earth, they are attacked by Emperor Lugarl's fleet. The Yamato prepares to warp away, since a direct hit could blow up the ship prematurely. As Lugarl orders the attack, the Gamilon fleet arrives and attacks the Dinguil fleet. Dessler appears on the monitor screen with one of the flowers dropped by Kodai, and explains that he was away from the planet when it was destroyed. He knows the situation and offers to destroy the enemy fleet while the Yamato warps to safety. Dessler destroys the Emperor's ship with his Dessler cannon as the Yamato warps to Earth.

Captain Okita orders the crew off the ship. While the crew transfers to the Fuyuzaki, Captain Okita says his goodbyes to Kodai and Yuki. They and Sanada make modifications to the Wave Motion Gun so the firing gate is plugged, then leave the ship. Unknown to the rest of the crew, Okita stays behind. As the Cosmo Tigers make an escort pass, Kato notices that Okita is still on the bridge, and announces this to the rest of the crew. The crew demands that the Fuyuzaki be stopped to rescue the Captain, but then notices Yuki, Kodai, and Doctor Sado standing and saluting their brave captain.

In a dramatic ending, Aquarius approaches, and a huge column of water rushes towards Earth. With the Yamato directly in the path of the column, Okita fires the Wave Motion Gun, destroying the Yamato. The column is broken and Aquarius is pushed away from Earth, while the Yamato sinks into water left behind above the Earth. The crew and Dessler salute the fallen Yamato.

(Earlier versions of the video show Yuki and Kodai finally being married, followed by some nude scenes of them consummating their marriage. Newer versions only show the wedding scene.)

Japanese series name / American translation / Role

The Quest of Iscandar

Susumu Kodai / Derek Wildstar / Combat Chief, later Captain of the Yamato. Falls in love with Yuki Mori, dies in FSBY when he rams the Yamato into Zordar's juggernaught.

Mamoru Kodai / Alex Wildstar / Susumu's brother, presumed dead in battle, found on Iscandar in SBY, stays behind to be with Stasha. Returns to Earth in NV, dies protecting Commander Todo in BFY.

Stasha Queen / Starsha / Lone inhabitant of Iscander, falls in love with Mamoru Kodai, sacrifices herself and Iscandar in NV.

Sasha (Stasha's sister) / Astra / Crash lands on Mars delivering message capsule from Stasha.

Yuki Mori / Nova Forrester / Radar, nurse, falls in love with Susumu Kodai. Dies in FSBY.

Jyozo (Juzo) Okita / Captain Abraham Avatar / Captain of the Yamato, presumed dead at end of SBY, returns in FY.

Daisuke Shima / Mark Venture / Navigator, falls in love with Teresa in TCE, dies in FY.

Hikozaemon Tokugawa / Patrick Orion / Chief Engineer, dies in FSBY.

Shiro Sanada / Stephen Sandor / Science Officer, has bionic arms and legs.

Yoshikazu Aihara / Homer Glitchman / Communications.

Shiro Kato / Peter Conroy / Leader of the Cosmo Tigers, dies in FSBY.

Akira Yamamoto / J. D. Hardy / Pilot for Cosmo Tigers, dies in FSBY.

Kenjiro Ohta / Christopher Eager / Radar.

Yasui Nambu / Dashell "Dash" Jordan / Gunnery, assistant to Kodai

Sukeharu Yabu / Travis Sparks / Engine room, leads a mutiny on Iscandar, dies in an earthquake.

Dr. Sakezo Sado / Dr. Sane / Ships doctor. Quite often drinking, but manages to keep people in line.

Analyzer / IQ-9 / Robot, assistant in medical and science.

Hyokuro Todo / Major General Charles Singleton / Head of Earth Defense Command, referred to only as "The Commander" in the US series.

Soto Desler / Leader (Lord) Desslok / Leader of Gamilus, enemy in SBY and FSBY/TCE, later becomes an ally.

General Hisu / Krypt / Desler's aide, SBY. Shot by Desler when he panics and suggests retreating.

General Taran / Talon / Desler's aide.

General Shultz / Colonel Ganz / Gamilon General in charge of Pluto base, killed in battle outside of Pluto.

Officer Gantz / Bane / Schultz' aide.

General Domel / General Lysis / Attacks Yamato, killed by blowing up his ship near the Yamato.

Geru/Gale / Volgar / Domel's aide.

Jiro Shima / Jordi Venture / Daisuke's younger brother

The Comet Empire

Hajime Saito / Sgt. Knox / Leader, Space Cavalry.

Commander Hijikata / Captain Draco Gideon / Commander of the Eleventh Fleet and the Yamato in FSBY, dies on the bridge in battle, Commander of the Andromeda and Earth Defense Fleet in TCE, dies when the Andromeda crashes into the Comet Empire.

Emperor Zordar / Emperor Zordar / Leader of the Comet Empire, killed by Yamato/Teresa in FSBY, killed by Teresa in TCE.

Teresa / Trelena / Prisoner of The Comet Empire in FSBY, offers information to Yamato and helps Kodai destroy Zordar. Lone survivor of Telezart in TCE, falls in love with Shima, destroys Zordar.

The New Voyage

Sho Yamazaki / New chief engineer.

Tasuke Tokugawa / Hikozaemon's son, new engineering assistant.

Sasha / Stasha's daughter.

Final Yamato

Captain Mizutani / Captain of the Fuyuzuki.

Aquarius / Spirit of the Water Planet.

Emperor Lugarl / Leader of the Dinguil Empire.

Prince Lugarl / Son of the Emperor, killed by his father for failure in battle.

Dinguil boy / Youngest son of the Emperor, rescued from Dinguil by Kodai. Killed by his father when he takes a shot meant for Kodai.

Abbreviations used:

SBY = Space Battleship Yamato/Quest for Iscandar
FSBY = Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato
TCE = The Comet Empire
NV = New Voyage
BFY = Be Forever, Yamato
FY = Final Yamato